Business computer repair and support services


If you have at least one computer which you rely on for your business needs, it is important to consider how you would cope if it were to break down.  Employing a full time computer expert is not cost efficient, as hopefully the majority of the time everything will run smoothly without intervention.  The solution is one of our computer maintenance packages, giving you the confidence that someone is on hand should you need them, but without the burden or cost of having a computer expert on your payroll.  Let us take the stress of computer and technology issues in your company leaving you able to concentrate on running it.  We offer a range of services to make the operation of your business disruption free.

 Foundation, Essentials, Standard and Datacenter
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What we can do for you:

  • Same day remote assistance

  • Next day onsite support

  • Microsoft server support and maintenance

  • Microsoft software issues and troubleshooting

  • Workstation/network health checks

  • Virus and malicious software removal

  • Quick resolution failure recovery plans

  • Broadband setup and troubleshooting

  • Hardware diagnostics and replacements

  • Monthly out of hours server/workstation health check and clean up

  • Email configuration and troubleshooting

  • Desktop/laptop repairs and upgrades

  • Supply and installation of new hardware and software

  • Domain/email hosting

  • Wired/wireless network setup and troubleshooting

  • Printer/photocopier installation and troubleshooting

  • Data recovery

  • Backup configuration and monitoring

  • Smart phone tuition and exchange integration

If your technology is not working as it should we can help. Whether your computers are crashing frequently, running slower than usual or you're having trouble with sending or receiving emails, our engineers can get to the root of the issue for you. For more information and a no obligation quote contact us with a description of the equipment you are using and details of any problems you have been experiencing.

We know computer systems, and have experience with businesses of all sizes and of varying requirements. Let us advise you on your technology issues to see if you could make processes quicker and easier. One thing many businesses consider is the installation of a server.


There are many benefits to incorporating a server:

Centralised backup – This allows all business data to be stored in one place.  This data can be spread over a number of hard disk drives, meaning if one fails or needs replacing, the remaining disks can rebuild the data stored on the absent one.  Backups can be made from a central location onto removable media, cloud storage, or private offsite storage.  To protect against total failure, specialist cloning software can be used to reinstate the condition of the server before it failed.


Active Directory

By creating user profiles on your network you can specify who has access to certain information, assign email addresses, restrict internet usage and prevent software installation.

Resource heavy applications

Where work requires multiple users to be on databases like Sage at the same time computers can slow down and files corrupt. The likelihood of this happening is severely reduced by running these programs through a server.

Secure remote access

Using a secure VPN connection or Terminal server session it is possible to work from home, with the only requirement being a good internet connection

Microsoft Exchange

Either opt for Small Business Server 2011 and use Microsoft exchange or alternatively we can setup and help you manage cost effective business email direct from Microsoft using the new office 365 platform.